Wondering what's on the horizon?

Disruption. Confusion. And, your chance to succeeD.

Are you struggling to respond to all the incoming leads? Are they good pieces of business for your hotel? Are you worried about new non-hotel players in the meeting space sector disrupting your group business like Airbnb is disrupting your rooms?

You aren't alone. We've spent a lot of time thinking about this too.

So, we've broken it down into the three simple modules below. And, we're delivering in a one-day classroom format. It's intense, rich and actionable.

  1. The situation, context and opportunity.
  2. The concept and methodology to win.
  3. The practical tools you'll need to get there. (This is not a product pitch - we're going to give you our list of favorites and their alternatives).
Iā€™d be more worried about being replaced by another salesperson who is empowered by intelligence than by a machine.
— Peter Schwartz, SVP Strategic Planning @ Salesforce

Is this event for you?

We'll let you answer this one.

  • Are you a hotel marketer? Do you have a responsibility for generating leads for group, catering, event, wedding or business travel sellers? 
  • Are you a hotel seller who wants to sell more? Are you struggling to keep up with all the inbound leads, and don't have the time to follow-up or prospect for new business?
  • Are you a Director of Sales and Marketing looking to differentiate your hotel's sales and marketing approach to sales-controllable market segments? Are you ready to enable your sales team with smart technology?