The 10,000 foot View

Sales and Marketing go together like peanut butter and jelly. We'll talk about why that's more important today than ever before.

Let's start at the top.  We'll talk about why you're here, and how modernizing group, catering and business travel sales will enable you to pick the best business for your hotel.

Think of it like fruit on a tree, you'll be reaching up to the top to get the juiciest, ripest fruit. Your comp set, they're still going to be crawling around on the ground gathering up what dropped.

Learning Outcomes for this session:

  • The basics of sales and marketing automation (contemporary terminology, best practices);
  • What 'growth marketing for hotels' means and what it can do for you;
  • The market opportunity and use case for your hotel.

Group BusinesS: The business Case

You already understand the importance and value of group business for your hotel. And you live the challenge and time commitment of acquiring, converting, retaining and re-soliciting those customers. We'll talk about the "modern way" to leverage technology to be do this efficiently, automatically and in a highly-personalized way.

No, this is not sales on autopilot.  After all, Peter Schwartz (SVP Strategic Planning @ Salesforce) once said, “I’d be more worried about being replaced by another salesperson who is empowered by intelligence than by a machine.”

Learning Outcomes for this session:

  • The optimal hotel sales pipeline;
  • How to overlay your current sales pipeline and existing technology with the optimal sales pipeline;
  • Identify the gaps and opportunities to recover revenue leakage, wasted marketing spend and lost leads.

The wheels on the bus go round and round

Let's face it, we sales people do like to have fun. But, we'll save the tunes for happy hour.

We're going to talk about the three parts of the mobius that makes this strategy and methodology work. Think of it like a bus ride - you need the bus, the driver, and fuel - to get where you're going. We'll dive deep into each of these three aspects.

Learning Outcomes for this session:

  • Articulate the "who, what, how" of a modern aligned lead generation, nurturing and recall strategy;
  • Understand the platform or infrastructure required to support both the marketer and the seller;
  • Understand the roles of both the marketer and the seller in a successful deployment;
  • Understand the tools, resources and content needed to support the strategy.

This session talks about content - and how to leverage good quality, proprietary and/or professional content to engage your prospects, and nurture your pipeline. 

Learning Outcomes for this session:

  • What 'personalization' means;
  • What 'content' means;
  • How to create authentic, proprietary and professionally-enriching content;
  • How to deploy the content appropriately.

You Catch More Flies With Honey

Let's get real - sometimes when something sounds too good to be true, it isn't. We'll summarize the proven methodologies, and give you a list of our favorite tools to get the job done. We'll help you align your hotel's marketing stack. This isn't a product push. We'll talk about the variety of options available to you, how you can leverage tools you already have, and give you the roadmap and budget information you need to have an informed conversation about implementing all this learning at your hotel. 

Learning Outcomes for this session:

  • What tools the best marketers from all industries are using to drive the best results;
  • What tools we've used with hotels that integrate best with hotel processes and software;
  • How to pull together everything you've learned;
  • How to budget for the costs;
  • How to forecast the return on investment;
  • How to "have the conversation" to win support to supercharge your hotel's team.

So, What's this all going to cost?